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Get the same amount of Ruben's Hot Sauce you will get in bottle with a Free 5 Packet Sampler, Just take care of shipping.


Smoked Chile De Arbol & Cayenne Pepper

Granulated Garlic

Granulated Onion



Corn Oil

Don't take our word for it

This hot sauce is incredible. I was very much in doubt when I ordered my free bottle from the fb ad because I never really trust the advertisements or reviews, but man am I am happy I gave this sauce a go. It's got a very nice kick to it and the sauce itself is creamy and liquidy. it's a good addition to my hot sauces since the others I have are more vinegar based. I tried it on some breaded chicken and it was phenomenal. A+ sauce and maybe a 45/100 on a heat index for a guy who eats a good amount of hot sauces.


Got to say, at first trying it right out of the bottle I didn’t care much for this hot sauce. Then last night we had it on tacos. Something with it mixing with the sour cream on the Tacos made it SOOOO good. I was craving it again today and finished the leftover tacos the same way, with some sauce mixed in with the sour cream. Unbelievably tasty. Already polished off the first bottle, good thing I ordered a backup!!! Well done!


I rate hot sauces by those I want to keep eating despite the heat. This sauce fit the bill. Amazing flavor, And just the right amount of heat, I've put this on everything from burgers to tacos and it delivers


"Best Hot Sauce Ever"

"Soo Much Flavor"